Sunday, July 21, 2013

Inspiration: The Way We Were

I caught a classic movie late one night when I was going through one of my can't sleep because of wine and coffee kicks...(you'd think I'd learn by now that the two don't mix well for me) but in-spite of my Reisling and caffeine overload I was able to peacefully watch The Way We Were.  What I took away from it: 
1. That the underdog can come out on top
2. That fashion really and truly is inspired from the past and what we think is gone always comes back reinvented and 
3.  Barbara Streisand was the original triple threat.  Sing, act, write, this original diva does it all.  Now I see why she is so loved.  

So I think subconsciously I went through a little Katie phase with my wardrobe - head wraps, halter dresses, jumpsuits and blazers.  Now I just need the hubs to get a little Hubble with it.  

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Nothing like a little throwback...

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