Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 13: Skirting the Issue

Here we are mid month already.  I don't even remember where the days went.  I'm grateful though, my weekend was nice, so was the weather for the most part so it was a treat actually, I took Friday off and had three days of seeing some old friends, getting some much needed encouragement, and finding a little peace of mind.   I also had a lot of fun planning my outfits, all three days dresses, skirts and of course heels.  There is something about walking in big girl shoes that makes you feel so much taller.  Literally and figuratively.  And now that dresses and skirts of all lengths are in it's impossible to not find your perfect style.  Pencil, Midi, Maxi or A-Line.  Choose your weapon.  Either way you will look and feel like such a lady.

Have a great week!

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