Saturday, March 8, 2014

{Getting Warmer}

Isn't it something how when the sun is out, birds are chirping and flowers are blooming how much happier everyone seems to be?  In the midst of the big thaw, it's nice to take some time to slow down and get a breath of fresh air.  The hubs and I had our moonroof open today, it was the first time since last Summer.  It felt so nice to take a drive and let the day take us wherever it pleased.  It was so pleasant out I can almost smell the tanning spray and the salty air of the beach.  Yes, friends, it's almost time for flip flops and casual sundresses.... for sun-kissed skin and loose braided hair.  For Cool drinks by the pool, ice cream on the boardwalk, sand in your toes....Summer is on it's way along with everything we love about it.

However, I know there will be some ups and downs in the temperature in the meantime...the weather loves to tease (It's so mean)... So! Here are some Pinterest pics to get you by until then...



  1. Thank you for some hope. As we brace for another snow storm I will take in the color your photos offer. xxoo