Thursday, March 13, 2014

{Marching through March}

The days are flying, I'm actually losing track of my days.  For two days straight I thought it was Wednesday... until it finally was. The snow is melting and we had two days of 60 degree weather which has been nice, people are happier and I feel like the living are well... joining the living.  I'm trying to enjoy the days myself, cherish the little moments and not wish my life away for the weekend to get here.  I've been in such a rush lately that I know for a fact I am not living in the present.  I'm so busy planning ahead, thinking about my next move and what I can't let slip me by.  It's actually exhausting.  No wonder by nighttime I am beat and frankly not in the best of moods.  Mind racing can really get to one's heart.  I even cut back on caffiene in hopes of slowing my heart rate down.  (Thank God for Gevalia decaf by the way) All in all, I really need to slow the heck down.  

Sometimes things happen in life that make you realize it's time to do just that- slow down and to reflect on how even the most mundane moments in life are well...precious.  

Like Coconut, I have to remember that sometimes it's ok to just sit in the sun.


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