Monday, February 8, 2016

Take the Risk

I'm setting goals for myself.  It's definitely what anyone who is grieving should do.  (Actually everyone should have some sort of goal, it gives you purpose.)  The only thing is - dealing with loss can send you into different directions.  I'm a little all over the place right now- but trying to focus.  A new career move is first on my list.  What that is remains to be seen.  I guess I will know when it happens.  Second on my list- travel.  California, Seattle (both for vacation and to see friends) Denver- not in the winter though...Arizona, Chicago and Toronto.  Not in that order - and probably not all this year either.  But we will be flying a lot - hopefully- for the next few years.  Also on the list- finding where I want to be.  I know many people would think I was crazy for moving again, (we literally just moved into our new house in June).  But things just aren't the same, and frankly- the house was an investment.  This move was temporary- (maybe not this temporary) but I have a yearning to be somewhere else and as soon as possible.  So as long as the market is right- we will sell.  The problem is where?  To be continued I guess...

So yes- many different directions- the key is finding which path to take and the ultimate destination...But I'm working on it. 


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