Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Marshalls Challenge Part 2

So I left off with the fabulous clutch- then I wandered over to housewares in the back of my local Marshalls.  On the way there I passed a cool wall of scarves...so many colors and patterns....I wanted to take home every single one.  I also like the idea for my own closet- hanging my scarves up and using them as accessory art.

The second thing that grabbed my attention- the doggie aisle- even Coconut walked away a winner here.  I mean with the winter months coming- how could I not bring her home a pair of boots??  They were $9.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Adorable!

Ok, so I finally made it to housewares and stumbled upon this wonderful linen upholstered chair- regularly $400.00...down to a whopping $199.00- it was gorgeous!  I was trying to talk myself out of picking up this beauty when my eyes fell upon the most essential piece (for me)....

It was love at first sight- and I knew- for certain that no matter what- I would make room in my home for this addition...I could not leave this behind!

A work of art- an homage to New York City's best neighborhoods....and at $69.99, regularly $115.00- how could I not take this home with me?  I am making googly eyes at it right now as we speak....(sigh)

Happy Shopping at your local Marshalls!

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