Thursday, November 3, 2011

Worth The Risk....

There are some items of clothing that are terrifying to some people...the Stiletto, the Mini skirt- even leg warmers (which are very cute in an American Apparel kind of way).
But I digress... this season, there are a few items that look fabulous on models (of course) but I think can very well be worn on the everyday girl- like you and I.  It's just a matter of wearing them in the right place at the right time.

These - to me- are worth the risk!

Express Sequin legging

Bebe Jumpsuit

Forever 21 Printed jeans

Lulu's Leopard shorts

Of course- all of these are good only if you feel comfortable wearing them- and if they can mix with something from your winter wardrobe.  I can see the Lulu's Leopard shorts with black tights and a chunky sweater...the printed Forever 21 jeans with a white button down and a black jacket...the Bebe jumpsuit with a great pair of colored heels for a fabulous event or party and the Express leggings for a night out in the city- with a longer top if you choose- (I would!)  These are just some things that to me look a little scary at first glance- but for the right magical night...absolutely perfect.

Happy Shopping!

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