Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Main Jane

The new IT shoe for me? The Mary Jane- every color- every price- the perfect shoe to change your wardrobe up a little for the Fall- take your pick:

    (From Left to Right) 1. Puma Sport Mary Janes  2.  Nude Mary Janes  3. Wine (Color of the season) Mary Janes  4.  Cap-toe Mary Janes   5. Wedge Mary Janes    6.  Houndstooth Mary Janes 

Till Next Time Friends!

Monday, August 27, 2012


So our vacation is days away and my hubby and I are frantically getting ourselves together, buying last minute items.  It's exciting getting fresh vacay gear - sidenote though- did anyone else know how hard it was to find flip flops the last week of August? GEESH.

I digress, we scored some good sales and I think we are pretty close to ready now... Soon it will be time to pack...(sigh).

Next post will be of vacation pics!

I love to use this
to liven up my closet or suitcase
I'm planning on stealing this Cologne from my husband
Cute tops (on sale!) from Banana Republic to throw on with
a skirt or jeans
The most comfortable Flips
Vacay pics next!
See ya when I get back!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Instagram: Instagood

So I am trying to not let Instagram become an obsession, but we already had this discussion-
Instagram is neck in neck with Pinterest in my book. Who knew a filter could change the way you feel? (Not really, but close)...These are my latest shots from Instagram- if you haven't seen them already.

(And where you can get some of the items pictured too!)

Nude heels that go with everything
Snow Leopard Dress (for the Summer)
A Pouch to take anywhere
Black Patent Wedges for Summer and Fall
Till next time!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

You'll Thank Me Later

So I just started to use The Clarisonic cleansing system- two words: I'm hooked. My skin feels squeaky clean and refreshed. My tip- if you are thinking of getting one of these fabbies- do a quick once over with a makeup removing towelette to get the stubborn eye makeup off and then go to town with your cleanser and your Clarisonic brush. Part skin cleanser- part miracle worker. It's a two in one - takes off dead skin and gently buffs away to a new brighter you. Trust me- you'll thank me later.

Also hooked on: Kerastase Shampoo and Conditioner. You know that feeling you have when you leave a hair salon feeling all silky and smelling delish? Well that is this exactly- packed in a bottle. Trust me- you'll thank me later.

And lastly: Pureology's Essential Repair split end treatment. I used this as my leave in conditioner right after I towel dried my hair. Blew my hair out in no time and did not have to calm any frizzed out tresses or spray down any flyaways. Extra shiny and bouncy, not sure if this was a combination of the shampoo and conditioner with the split end treatment or what- but either way I am hooked. Pureology's treatment smells like paradise in a bottle and made my hair feel like heaven.

So you know what I'm going to sat- Yup...Trust me...You'll thank me later!

Get this ONE for your face and body
or this ONE for just your face
I'll let you know how much younger and better
my skin looks in a few weeks... (WINK)
Kerastase Shine Revealing Shampoo and Volumactive
conditioner for fine hair
Pureology Essential Repair Split End Treatment
Thank me later
Till next time

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall Is In The Air...

I hate to say it- but Fall is around the corner.  I am sad to see Summer go, I feel like it went too fast and I didn't make the most of it.  Instead of wishing for next Summer to already be here I cheer myself up with notions of capes, fabulous boots and hot cocoa to prepare for winter.  Hey- the cold is coming whether we like it or not- why not be ready and cute for it?

Courtesy of CreativeFashionGlee

1. Booties   2. Anything polka dotted- Polka dot skirt   3. An oversized carryall - Messenger bag  4.  A Cape  5. Bracelets to pile on  6.  A Dress that will take you from Summer to Fall  with just a great pair of stockings

Enjoy what's left of Summer!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


August continues to be a busy month - work, play and everything in between. These Instagram pics are little peeks inside my life (and my closet)...


My favorite new PENCIL SKIRT

My new POLKA DOT SKIMMER that is surprisingly comfy

A BIG  BAUBLE to dress up a simple dress

Till next time!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School

                            1. Striped shorts 2. Academy blazer 3. Watch  4. Satchel 5. Skimmer

I always dreaded those words, now- not so much.  It's been YEARS since I've been out of school, I had some of my best memories and some of my worst throughout those years.  All in all, I am who I am today because of it.  It's funny to think back on some of the styles we lived through- ah yes...the early 90's.  Some of those trends must have been a cruel joke- but we wore them!
I always had a thing for clothes - though I definetely came into my own after college, I think I was known for loving to change my look. ( The hair and make-up phase came later).  It's ironic to see some styles coming back- like Bass Bucks and the whole Prep look- cuffed jeans, button downs and vests.  Plaid, polos and Tretorns OH MY.

 I am loving the 2000's version of Prep- a la JCREW and The Gap.  So true what they say... Fashion is evolutionary NOT revolutionary.

1st Look from left: Navy Blazer; Striped Tee; jeans

Study hard friends

Celeb Summer Style

Celebrities are so fun to watch - my fave celebs to trend watch for style:
 Kate Middleton, Michelle Williams and Diane Kruger.  They are effortless, chic and always on trend.  These are their latest Summer looks:

Kate Middleton

Michelle Williams

Diane Kruger

6. Stripe Boatneck Tee from J.CREW

Keep stylin'

Channeling The Great Gatsby

There's nothing sweeter than love, unless its an even sweeter wardrobe!  That's the lovely bonus of seeing an old romantic movie, getting to see the beautiful actress's clothes and dream about having her wardrobe.   The Great Gatsby is the perfect movie for dreaming. It has 3 Fabulous characters: Jay Gatsby, Long Island's North Shore and New York City.  Getting inspiration is not hard from a movie like that...and (even if just for a night) ...you too can be Daisy Buchanan.

Inspired Look:

Inspired look: (Dress)

Inspired Look: (Dress)

Inspired Look:

Till next time dolls!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Little Luxuries

It's the little things, or maybe it's the things that you saved up a long time for.  Whatever they are, they bring a smile to your face.  Maybe not for the week, but just for the day.

Killer HEELS that make you feel 6 feet tall
You can get them HERE

A little shine to add to your get up
This BRACELET has never left my arm since I got it

A great worn in bag- (or even if it just feels that way)
This one is from Oryany that I snagged from BLUEFLY
I got my eye on this BAG too

These are the little luxuries that made my day

Till next time

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

L'OREAL Love List

Yes, I work for L'OREAL and Yes, I am privy to trying new and exciting products.  I am not going to lie- for the first time in long time, I can honestly say I enjoy my work.  I also love blogging, and bringing you guys the information I get makes me feel like I am sharing the wealth (of Fashion and Beauty that is).  And while I do have some higher end department store favorites, there are some pretty fabulous products that you can find right at your local drugstore.

 Hey- why pay department store prices for virtually the same product?  Here's the list:

1. MASCARA that brings out your eye color

2. LIPCOLOR that nourishes

3. For when your eyes are puffy and need a LIFT

4. I swear my lashes grew after a month of using this SERUM

5. This POLISH got me just because of it's name- plus it's Summer Yellow color

6. ANTI-REDNESS For those big red swollen pimple days or if you suffer from Roseaca

Because you're worth it