Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting Crafty

So I took a shot at making a jewelry board.  I decided to try it on my own when I saw one in the latest Pottery Barn catalogue for $200.... (really?) 

So- I got a cool pin board, cut up some fabric and pinned up some necklaces...not too bad. And I tacked up the fabric because I wanted the option of changing it up if I felt the need.  Right now it's a  print in a dark green with plum accents.  I thought dark for Fall- in the Spring, I'll go to a light fabric, maybe in a cream or white lace...and change the necklaces too- it will give my board a whole new look.
Check it out....
{Cork Board from Office Depot} 
 {With the tacked fabric} 
{The finished product}
A great way to dress up a room and functional too!
Till next time

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