Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inspired by: Audrey

 I was looking for something for the sole purpose of inspiration and beautiful pictures.  I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for, but I would know it when I found it.  I thumbed through magazines, searched online, watched the style network...nothing.  I decided I needed to read a book, nothing deep, just something to take me away on a fashion dream trip.  Then I saw it. The most fabulous book cover ever.  The title alone was enough....I was smitten...  Audrey in Rome.

So, thanks to Audrey, I broke out the ballet flats, the cropped jeans and the huge sunnies.  I should have known a little Audrey was all I needed... and if she were around today, I imagine her wearing this:

1.  A striped tee  2.  Cropped skinnies  3. A modern blazer (to give Audrey some edge) 4. Ballet flats  5. The perfect bag    6. A signature scent  7.  Sleek bracelets  8.  The bigger the better sunglasses
Be inspired!


  1. Can I pop right into that WHOLE LOOK!?! Seriously, iLove!! xoxo

  2. You are so cute! Thanks Nine Cent Girl!