Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{Addicted to}

Ok so I figured out I pretty much have an addictive personality. Once I am into something there is no stopping it. I know most people cannot stop at just one chip, or just one cookie. That can be an issue for me as well, (it's a good thing I love salad.)
As of late, I am in love with everything Zara, particularly their shoes laced with studs and spikes. They look dangerous but oh so hot. And might I adds that they actually got Me to buy a pair of shorts? If you knew me well (and you are starting to) you know shorts are not my thing. But scroll down at the lovelies I picked up along with some of my present essentials ... You know they are ever changing!

Shorts from Zara

Necessities...as always- men's cologne (for me)
and the cutest tweezers

The store that stole my heart in downtown Princeton
Morning Glory

A (woman's) perfume that I would ditch cologne for:
Have a great week friends!

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