Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 2: Hola August

Day 1 although a bit rain soaked was still lovely.  I shared with you my plans last post and and all went according to plan thankfully.  I saw my grandmother and uncle, got some hugs and laughs in too (which was nice considering the situation).  My mom and I then went to our favorite spot- yes the mall, what we do best.  I came across the most darling top from White House/Black Market, a great new room spray that will take us into Fall perfectly especially when the nights get cooler.  I also splurged on a  Chanel foundation.  When I first tried it, I instantly loved it. A little dewey, a subtle glow and a beautiful finish.  I wouldn't wear it in really hot temps though, your shine factor will quadruple.  However for breezy Summer days and crisp Fall nights, the perfect look.  Well I'm getting Day 2 going (with a little highlight action- results coming soon) and in the midst of planning Day 3.  Happy Friday!

Top from White House/Black Market

Room spray and candle from Bath & Body Works

Radiance Rich Chanel Foundation

Enjoy your day!

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