Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy February?

Six more weeks of snow (or so that's what's his furry face said).  Did anyone doubt that?  The way this winter has been shaping up it would astonish me if we started to get early Spring weather.
Polar Vortexes, massive snowstorm after massive snowstorm.... I like the change of seasons like the next gal but I would not mind if next Winter took a year off the next time around.
I'm tired of's time to start wearing Manolos again!

Until then I will try to distract myself with pretty things as usual...and lots of chocolate and liquor...or maybe both.

A little chocolate, a little liquor

J.Crew, booties and thermal gear...all a girl needs to keep toasty

Some pinks blooms that make me feel happy every time I see them
and peaceful pics from Homegoods

Coconut in a hoodie...just because she is too cute!


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