Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Summer...

Is it safe to say that it's beginning to feel a lot like Summer?  The past few days have been in the 80's.  I'm not ready for the heat actually, I was a little caught by surprise! So time for an emergency pedicure for sure, a little faux tan is also in order and thankfully I got a head start with my hair.  (It was a big decision, highlights or ombré?) I went with the ombré - I felt if I waited any longer it would be out of style. Growing my hair out came with its disadvantages, like not having enough for the latest hair trends.  But I was finally there. So here I am blonde tipped, soon to be sandal ready and a bit more bronzed.  

Sheesh... It takes a lot to be Summer ready! 

 A little bangle action for my newly bronzed wrist

My latest mani endeavor: black tips

I broke out the white heels in honor of the June

My recent hair transformation: a little ombre`

How are you getting Summer ready? 

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