Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{Promises Promises}

June is halfway gone and I'm starting to panic that I'll run out of time and not be able to do everything I've set out to do this Summer.  I've made so many promises to myself and others, and I intend to keep them.

I've kept my promise to my home to keep it tidy and happy so I've been buying fresh flowers weekly.  I kept my promise to my friends and met them for dinner, a fabulous night out at the Stanton Social. (That was the most fun promise!) and I've (sort of) kept the promise to myself to not keep wishing the week away so that Friday would get here, instead I've tried to embrace every day and every moment, no matter what was happening.

Although I would enjoy doing more of this embracing from the beach!

Enjoy your week!

Fresh flowers brighten up the room

The best drinks and tunes spinning at the Stanton Social

The cutest mini cupcakes from Wegmans

My new favorite wedges from Louise et Cie

This has been my week in a nutshell.  Hope you are enjoying yours!

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