Saturday, August 27, 2011

Faux Real Though!

  I am just as depressed as the next gal about the ending of Summer.  But with the coming of Fall, comes all new fashion.  And nothing can get a girl more excited for the Fall season as faux fur.  EXPRESS does it right this season.  Jackets, vests, scarves and hats.  The kind that makes you feel like you just stepped off the Alps and walked into a ski lodge to sip hot cocoa. 

Big, fluffy and almost too good to be fake- but it is.  No animals were harmed in the making of these!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Lady-Like...

Anthropologie Ruffled Shell
In a world where less is more- sometimes it's tres chic to cover up and well...look like a lady.  Especially with the temperature dropping, showing a little less skin is in.  Buttoned up collars, ruffles, knee length hem skirts.  All paired with textured tights and knee high boots. 
Very sexy librarian....and getting me very excited for Fall!  A brightly colored coat to finish things off.  And what's great about all these pieces is you can where them together (Sexy Librarian) or wear the pieces seperately, like the ruffle top and coat with jeans and booties (Fall Princess).  Or a frilly dress with a structured jacket for work or an important business meeting (Tough Cookie).  Many, many ways to have fun with these items, and be fashionably lady-like!
Loft Layered Feathers Dress
Anthropologie Cuffed Booties
Anthropologie Rose Mid Length Skirt

Anthropologie Ruffled Pea Coat

Just Three Words.....


Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby
Where else can you get a pair of Manolos for almost half price?  A pair of Louboutins for less than a month's rent?  At the Barneys Warehouse Sale.  It does not happen often, but a few times a year, you can strike gold. 
Chloe, Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney....from August 25th thru September 5th, you have a slight chance of walking away a winner.  And I say slight- because along with you- and I, are hundreds of other fashionistas trying to get into the Promised Land.  So if you can handle it- get thee to Barneys!,default,pg.html

Monday, August 22, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Anthropologie Swingy Baseball Tee
   Sunshine, garlic fries and Derek Jeter...3 things to make a perfect game.  But if you can't make it to Yankee Stadium and you are feeling kind of sporty- throw on one of the latest (and cutest) baseball tees.  Worn with jeans (for maybe a stroll around the mall), shorts- (for a romp in the park) or a little skirt (for a twist out to dinner), they are a signature summer shirt- especially when the weather gets a little chilly at night.  I love that you can find them in almost every color, almost any fabric and any price point.

But these I would not wear with a cap- sandals and hoop earrings only please!
Loft Lace Sweatshirt

Jcrew Baseball Tee

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lay Off Of My Blue Suede Shoes....

Studd Suede Peep Toe Platforms
  My first time shopping in Soho was (and still can be) a life altering experience.  I remember stumbling onto the Stussy store with my best friend Dara.  We had just spent the day with her family museum hopping,  and we were in desperate need of retail therapy.  Well, we were in awe when we first stepped onto Prince Street.  Till this day, Broome Street, Mercer and West Broadway still don't disappoint.  But lately, when I walk down Broadway in Soho, I almost feel like I am back in Garden State Plaza.  Chain store after chain originality!  Until TopShop emerged.  This London based retailer does not do wrong.  Kind of like a British version of H & M, with a punk twist.  Platform heels, neon sweaters and funky accessories.  No wonder why celebs stay shopping in TopShop!  Which brings me to the blue suede shoes, very Kim Kardashian- not Elvis by the way.  Perfect for a night out with a hot dress or just to kick up a simple pair of jeans.  I saw a few other items that tickled my fancy, as well as could go with my blue suede shoes!

Gina Dress
Frill Blouse

Striped Kimono Top

TopShop 478 Broadway, New York

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty!

 When I was 3 years old I experienced love at first was at A&S in Manhattan.  My mother took me up to the children's clothing floor, and there as soon as we came up the escalator, was a huge display of Hello Kitty.  I spent what my mother would say was an hour- just walking around the pastel colored plexi glass mountain.  Did I want a new pencil case?  Sticker book?  Maybe a jewelry box?  One item was cuter than the next (my family should have owned stock in Sanrio).  Now my closest Sanrio store is not as close as I would like it to be.  So... when I walked into Sephora, and saw the cute Hello Kitty display, I got the same feeling all over again.  Eyeshadows, lipglosses, perfume and brushes.  It was more than I can handle.
Hello Kitty Graffiti Brush Set

 For any young girl at heart- this is the way you put your make-up on in the morning!

Say Hello Palette, Memoirs of a Kitty
Solid Perfume Necklace

Friday, August 12, 2011

I Heart New York

Need I say more?  If there is one fragrance that represents what every girl loves about New York City- this is the one.  Bond No. 9 has been enchanting our sniffers with scents such as Washington Square Park, West Broadway and Bleeker Street.  Not to mention their Ode to the High Line. 
In a pink bottle for her- with spicy nutmeg, mandarin zest, rose, and (GASP!) blueberry muffin notes.  For him- in the sexy black bottle.... lily of the valley, bergamot and pepper notes.  This may be worth the $175!  If anyone can bottle New York City, it's Bond No.9.

I love New York.

Choo Go Girl!

   So the next item on my radar?  Jimmy Choo's glitter fabric heel "Lace".... here it is shown in a beautiful shimmer...but it comes in other colors as well (if the glitter is a little too Copacabana for you).  I would pair these with anything!  Cuffed jeans and a white button down, a simple black dress or..... a jumpsuit....circa 1980.
Bebe Ruffle One Shoulder Jumpsuit
   Now all I have to do is find somewhere to go to where it....maybe in my dreams?
Jimmy Choo Lace

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Everything Old Is New Again.....

   Charlie's Angels, rompers and bell bottom jeans...(or extreme flares). They are all making a return or are already on the fashion scene.  I remember my freshman year of college- my professor of Fashion Merchandising said-" FASHION IS EVOLUTIONARY- NOT REVOLUTIONARY"...  Those words dance around in my brain every time I see a throwback like this season's Prada color block drop-waist shift or even a pair of palazzo pants.  Some things look just as they were back in the day- some with an updated twist.  Either way- I am constantly having fashion flashbacks.

Gucci Boston bag
   My latest obsession- and recent purchase is the Gucci Boston bag.  Gucci never really let go of its stripes but this season's bags are reminiscent of vintage Gucci.  With their bold red and green stripes, and now with their newer versions, pink/burgundy and white/brown stripes.  I remember my Mom falling all over her new Gucci bag my Dad bought her.  I recall thinking- what is so special about this bag?  20 years later- I know...very well.  I now am the one falling over my new Gucci bag, and when I showed my mom my new addition, she gasped....and said " it's beautiful"... only another Gucci lover would appreciate it.

   In the meantime, I find myself being attracted to all the retro comebacks.  I see myself  this fall - ( with my bag) and platform booties, flared leg jeans and a silk long sleeve blouse, tied at the neck....very Farrah Fawcett.  Or possibly with a pair of brightly hued straight legged jeans and a shrunken twill blazer?  Kind of Prepster meets Rock Star.  Or, a Varsity jacket over a babydoll dress and black tights with black Bass bucks?  Very 90210... 
I also cannot wait to see the new Charlies Angels show, coming out this fall.  As well as the new Pan Am series, kind of like Mad Men in the skies.  It will be exciting to see all the fashion those shows will inspire.  I may have to dig up some of my Mom's old photos to get some new ideas, or even my old Highschool yearbook...yikes...whoever thought the 90's would make a comeback?
   Either way, it remains true, everything old, is definitely new again...I just love how fashion keeps..well....evolving!  Thanks teach!

J Crew Blazer and jeans

Silk blouse, Sariah Carson, Anthropologie

J Brand High Waist Bette Flares