Sunday, September 30, 2012


3 things that made me happy today despite trying to get over a nasty cold (insert sniffle here). 
Number one on my short list, books that every fashion loving girl cannot live without. A book of "Must haves in your closet" and a book of "What you don't have to have to look fabulous". Both beautifully illustrated and mostly illustrations (because I really don't have War and Peace kind of reading time.)


Secondly, a sweater that just makes me smile every time I look at it. Part cheeky - part French... All love. I see this with black shorts, stockings, boots and a chic scarf- strolling around New York City... with a hot cup of Espresso in my hand of course!  French Hen Sweater
Third, the Sunshine! After so many days of on and off rain it was lovely to see and feel the sun on my skin. It made getting dressed in the morning very easy. A crisp white shirt, a flowy skirt and some flats- and I was on my way.
What made you happy today?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

In The Trenches

  Not quite sure how to prepare for the rain? Not cold enough for a coat, too chilly for just a sweater? The perfect throw on for that in between weather? The Trench.  It gives you enough warmth for those chilly damp days, makes your outfit even chicer and (BONUS) cinches in your waist.  Instant flattery.  What's not to love?

These are my faves:

1. Classic with a twist; 2. Trench with an edge; 3. With a Peplum; 4. With a Girlie touch; 5. In a Cape and 6. Keep your tootsies dry in these Rain Wedges
Keep dry friends!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Inspiration: Love Story

So while channel surfing I came across the classic chick flick of all time. Love Story.  Doesn't matter which part I catch it in, I have to stop and watch- simply for one reason.  Nope. Not Ryan O'Neal.  It's because of Ali MacGraw.  How was it that the clothing designers in the 70's put together outfits so chic that they transcend through decades and generations is beyond me?  I found myself mentally piecing together outfits in my head.  School-girl meets Boston Babe Chic- luxurious coats, deeply hued stockings, plaid skirts, turtlenecks and loafers.  Seems like the perfect inspiration for the upcoming chilly weather. 

I stopped myself from watching it all the way through though- I have become in my (ahem) older age- intolerable of watching sad stories.  With enough stress and sadness in the world- why add on another weeping cry?  (And yes friends- I have been known to weep while watching movies).  So instead - I rather remember the lovely scenes, the romance, the clothes, Jennifer's hair long and pin straight parted down the middle wearing a fabulous coat and hat.  With that,  I quickly changed the channel but I must confess, it was nice to reflect on my the classically handsome Oliver saying to his father, "Love means never having to say you are sorry..."

Aahhhh...isn't love (and fashion) grand???

Love Story Images Courtesy of
Write Your Own Love Story:
What you need: A hands free Bag for city walking, Strong Brows are a must this Fall Love Story, Penny Loafers to go with your plaid skirt and stockings,  Riding Boots=Cold Weather Chic Love, A great Coat to keep you fashionably warm, and a Sweater with Collegiate Stripes (to go with the Pennies)
Love Fashionably,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Sentiments... Exactly

A new season brings the possibility of new memories. With every leaf that falls we are a step closer to Winter. This time of year brings on a bit of nostalgia for me. I think about my dad all the time- but even more so this time of year when we lost him. I get sentimental and yearn to find things that remind me of him. I also look for things that bring me comfort too. Items that my mom gave me, that my husband gave me and that tug at my heart strings when I look at them. Call it mental therapy, call it healing, but it's a necessary process for me every so often.

It's important to me to keep little trinkets that remind me of a happy time - things I can reflect on when I am having a bad day or feel like reminiscing. A great trip, a wonderful memory, a beautiful person. I have collections of fabulous times. It's nice to reflect back once in a while and remember how wonderful life truly is...

Kicks that bring me back to my college days
A Hello Kitty charm from my Mom
These are cute too:
A rubber ducky from our last trip
My Dad's watches
Reminisce often friends....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Stud Muffin

The "Signature Look" for Fall- STUDS.  All over the runways and all over the streets.  If you can't handle too much of it at once you can utilize your studs on jewelry, handbags or just on the pockets of sweaters and jeans.  Part biker chic, part rocker dud- but you don't have to be a bad girl to rock this look.  You can actually look quite like the lady...after all- doesn't every girl need a STUD in her life? ...(wink)

Inspiration: Ladylike Rocker- Valentino "Noir" Pump

1. Studded Clutch   2. Studded Faux Leather Bracelet  3. Studded Iphone Case 
 4. Studded Tank    5. Studded Ballet flat  6. Studded Bootie

Till next time Studs!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

This week on Instagram:

It has been a whirlwind since we got back from Palm Beach. It seems as soon as September 1st came the leaves started to turn and the mornings got crispy cool. I went from open toes to closed toes in a matter of a day and my sweaters and boots are being summoned. 

These kind of days remind me of that first week of school. The excitement of school starting is not there (of course - it has been years) but the expectations of a new season can be just as thrilling. It's nostalgic but also comforting to think soon December will be here and along with that possibly a lot of snow (hopefully not any Nor'Easter storms- all the North East Coast people know what I mean)... Being snowed in can be fun though, movies, snacking and snuggling all make for a cozy evening.

All in all- with that time of year approaching comes the prospect of new beginnings and a new year to try to make our best yet. Hey- I'm looking on the bright side... Have a great week!

My new favorite HEELS
And an ENVELOPE CLUTCH that goes with everything
Leopard + Green
Cool Mornings = Clogs
(by Ralph Lauren - last season)
Chilly evenings = Minnetonkas
Minnetonka for JCrew- similar HERE
Flowers galore at the Union Square Greenmarket
(My favorite place this time of year for apple cider!)
Till next time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall to Pieces...

So it's not unusual to mourn the passing of another Summer, the idea of vacation, sand, sunshine-
welcoming Fall can be a little tough- September in New York carries mixed feelings.  The mood is usually strong but somber- I noticed though that with this September in particular- there was a "Push Forward" kind of spirit.  Nothing will be forgotten but the city and it's people feel stronger with each passing year.  And so, with the fleeting of hot temperatures, pretty little dresses to go with pretty little sandals... the idea of cool mornings, wrapping in warm fabrics and crackling fires overtakes the images of prior. And like it or not- here we are- less than 2 weeks to the official start of the Fall season. 

However, the more I think about crisp Autumn afternoons, walking the streets of New York in flat riding boots and sipping on salted caramel hot cocoa...I can't help but get a little flutter in my stomach.  New York Fashion week stirs up a frenzy of excitement.  Trees are changing their leaves- Fall colors are taking over. 

So here's to luxurious coats, cozy scarves and printed stockings.  Chunky knits, warm boots and cool gloves. These all make for an exciting fashion season to come...There is just something magical about New York City in the Fall. 

Fall 2012



1. Black and Gold Brocade Dress 2. Military & Peplum in a darling Coat 3. Anything "Motorcycle jacket" inspired 4. A Red number that will stop them in their tracks 5. A western style bootie 6. A sparkly box clutch for an evening out or to dress up a blazer and jeans

Many more Fall inspirations to come...
Till next time

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mi Amore

So my tanned and sunburned skin is in desperate need of a little R & R... enter Amore Pacific.  (My parched skin thanks you).

Amore Pacific was born on the magnificent Jeju Island off the coast of Korea. It's founder, Sung-Hwan Suh, believed in the power of potent asian botanicals such as green tea, red ginseng and bamboo. All natural ingredients that nourishe skin on a deeper level.

The genius behind it? If you have oily skin it will regulate your oil production, and if you are dry it will pump up your moisture levels. Not only that- working on a genetic level, they've isolated the 3 genes that cause aging!  The only cosmetic company in the world known to cultivate and harvest their own green tea fields and extract ECGC which is the strongest antioxidant on the planet. They are on the cutting edge of skincare technology-  this skincare works from the inside out.

And the verdict? My skin is nourished, moist and happy.  Time to rebuild and move forward into the Fall.  No more sun baking for me.  It's time for a little... AMORE...

The Dream Team
To read more about all the products here visit Amore Pacific
In the meantime- these three below are my "can't live withouts..."
Nourishes, hydrates and helps to restore skin to appear radiant and youthful
(Perfect for parched skin... ahem)
Age defying eye creme restores with microfluidics technology
and alleviates the appearance of darkness and puffiness in the delicate eye area
(Need I say more??)
A delicate mist that provides immediate and longlasting hydration
(One of my faves for before moisturizer and for refreshing throughout the day)
P.S....I'm Hooked....
Till next time

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Palm Beach Posh

So our quick getaway was 5 Star courtesy of great friends (Thanks Dan & Michelle!) We tanned and dined at The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach. You want to talk about spoiled? It was instant tranquility as soon as we walked in. The fragrant air was like a spa service in a bottle. ( I scored the scent in a candle by the way.)  In the lobby it was dreamy decor by day, swanky chic at night- they know how to create mood lighting. The food was never ending and everything was at your fingertips. Friendly smiles by literally every staff member we passed, we felt at home away from home.

I love Florida - but The Ritz-Carlton at Palm Beach put it over the top. Let's just say- a girl can get used to this...

The most beautiful sunrise of my life

Instant serenity when you walked in...
The dreamy Lobby that transformed into a whole other place at night
The view from The Club Lounge
The Club Lounge where drinks and hor d'oeuvres await
The Exclusive Candle for The I can transport myself back at any time
(Only available at The Ritz- similar scents visit  Votivo
or )
Back to reality friends....
Till next time-